Mundane Matters

I Sure Do Wish…

One by one they grow—these grands of ours. Healthy, happy, busy kiddos whose ever-widening circle of life moves us farther away from being their center. And while we’ve always loved and looked forward to every minute we could have with them, we now treasure each visit knowing all too well that the time will come when those minutes will turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, months, and perhaps even years before the ‘next time’.

After an appointment last Friday, I went to visit Rob and his family, (you can meet them on the Family page).  I especially wanted to hug the grands. After school turned into supper time. One grand was busy at school with musical practice, one was getting ready to go to an all-night lock-in with her youth group, and the youngest grand was going to stay home!!

It was dark when we stepped onto their back deck to say our goodbyes. Rob was cautioning me to watch for deer, I was thanking Tami for supper, and the young one—destined to be all alone—hugged me around the waist and whispered, “I sure do wish I could come home with you.”

Now, if you know any sweeter words than that, I challenge you to post them!!  After discussing the pros (there were no cons), I went back in while he quickly packed the essentials—you know, stuff like legos and pocket knife, etc..

As he clamped his seat belt he said,  “I’m so excited my tummy feels all jumpy. I always get this way when I know I’m coming to your house.”

We NEVER consider time with out family as mundane. Never. But believe me, that hug and whispered plea


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