Mundane Monday

Life at the Bottom!!

Nothing quite so mundane as spending one’s life at the bottom of a sink.!! But I don’t have a dishwasher ( gasp!), so this is who greets me after each meal I actually cook. I say ‘who’, and give her a gender, because to me she’s much more than a kitchen gadget. She’s taught me so much. Really, she has:

1.  She’s there every day to fulfill the job for which she was created.
2.  She doesn’t whine about being on the bottom.
3.  No matter what sharp thing is thrown against her, she remains steadfast.
4.  Steadfast, even though someone else’s garbage is placed on her shoulders
5.  Steadfast, no matter how hot the water.
6.  Never tries to overthrow that which is placed on her, in order to rise to the top.
7.  She allows the abuse because she knows when it is over, she will be cleansed.
8.  Yet, even after the cleansing, she’s willing to go back to her position at the bottom
9.   Because she knows that’s where she’s needed most.
10. All this, without one word of complaint that she is ONLY …

I can’t fail to mention she was a gift.  See the connection?

I should be so willing.

It matters.

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