Mundane Matters

It DOES matter, folks~~

John 13:35  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, that ye ALSO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.   KJV

In a world that is already so divided, why do we—who call ourselves Christian—split ourselves into such factions?  

On any given day, on social media that ranges the gamut, we condemn the actions of those who are not Christ followers—yet band into groups to pump and pomp our own agendas: homeschool versus public school; praise music versus the old hymns; vaccinations versus non-vaccine; King James version of the Bible versus any other; what vitamins to take, or food to eat; etc., etc., etc.

We believe in grace, but act under the law (our own law) and are ready to fight to prove our stand. But are we willing to go to battle so that we might be united? Are we as ready to fight to show the world our love, Christ’s love, as we are to sway people to think as we think on other issues? Are we willing to DIE to self, to DIE to our own agendas so that others might see Christ in us? 

How many sheep have we lost for the Shepherd because we argue over the RIGHT rescue procedure. The shepherds staff was not used to beat the sheep—it was a way to protect against the enemy, and to bring to safety those who had fallen over the edge or become entangled in the briars. 

The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword—and we use it as such. Not to defeat the enemy, but to cut and divide our sisters and brothers in Christ into camps of right or wrong.

We do not clothe ourselves in grace OR righteousness because our agendas once again divide us as to how righteousness looks, acts, says; we are more ready to write dissertations on issues than to give to every man an answer for what GOD says; the words we utter are not cloaked in our love, nor HIS. 

I’ve watched mothers grieve over children who no longer speak to one another, who refuse to sit at the same table or be in the same room because of something petty that may or may not even be remembered. Only the anger remains. Only the “I’m right and you’re wrong” matters now.

How we must grieve our Heavenly Father.

John 13:35  By this shall ALL MEN KNOW…


Divided we FALL—divided we FAIL.

It really does matter. 

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