Mundane Matters

It was certainly not a large gathering—13 kids and 9 adults, to be exact.

And the lunch was not all that exciting—hotdogs, mac ‘n cheese, chips and dip and dessert. 

But by what means do you measure hope?

How many warm bodies does it take to represent encouragement? 

Numbers are fickle. Rarely do they tell the …rest of the story. 

Thirteen kiddos represent numbers. But—

Catherine, Jenna, Hunter, Josh, Charity, Eden, Abby, Scarlett, Rosalie, Jillian, Courtney, Gabby and Ethan are NOT mere numbers. 

They are each individual. And they each have a story.  

And they EACH represent a God-planned future. 

Mundane lunch after church?

Not mundane at all. 

Truth is—

It mattered.  


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