Mundane Matters

It’s Over!

2015 Called to Write conference is over.

Yet, in some ways, it has just begun.

It’s a bit like gardening—

You prepare the soil

Plant the seed

And for a short period of time, it seems your work is…over.

But then a green shoot here, a little spike there, something curly over here.

And all in due time

What was planted springs forth.

Lettuce, and carrots, and radishes, and potatoes

Squash, beans, corn and tomatoes

All different, yet all the same

Foodstuffs, by different names.

Now comes the purging of weeds, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, putting away for future use.

What seemed to be over now brings sustenance, energy, food for more growth.




And perhaps a blue ribbon at the county fair.

Writer’s conferences are like that.

I needn’t elaborate.

A writer will use these words to paint their own picture of what took place just a few short days ago.

If you were there, you know 2015 Called to Write conference is NOT over. 

The fact is…

It has only begun.

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