And Then There Are Days…….

Grandma’s Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day
(actually, the week hasn’t gone so well, either.)

I finally made a long-overdue appointment (for Tuesday morning) to have a lesion on my arm removed. It was growing…fast…and while I was pretty sure what it was, it had become bothersome enough to be…well…bothersome.

We still doctor 1.5 hours away. I know, I know—you’re wondering why we don’t go local.  Change is hard. We are old. There, you have it.

Tuesday morning—hubby left before I did, to drive 3 hours in the opposite direction to watch granddaughter #2 play volleyball, so would be gone until late night. That’s fine. Son #2 lives six miles this side of where we doctor. Although he was on duty at the fire department, I was going to spend the afternoon and evening with DIL, granddaughter #2, and grandsons #1 and #2.  What fun!!

I get in car to leave…and battery is dead. It wouldn’t even crank. Really, really dead. Guess who forgot to turn the key to ‘off’ when she checked the mileage a day after returning home from a conference?  

Rescheduled appointment for Thursday morning, 10:15. Called DIL and sulked. Hubby didn’t get home until after 11:00

Thursday morning, 8:00 and all is well. Tried to get hubs to go with me, but he assured me the battery was charged and I’d have no trouble. It was foggy when I left, but I had no trouble. Car purred like a kitten all the way.

Arrived early, got in early, had three lesions removed, and was back in the car ready to head home by shortly after 10:30. UNTIL I turned the key and…nothing. 

At this point, my brain decides to join the battery. Son #2 is off duty today, but has gone with wife and granddaughter #3 for a college visit.  I text him anyway–with the whole story!  Misery loves company. 

I call hubby, and he reminds me we have AAA. However, he will start my direction and I should let him know if AAA can get there sooner than he is able to make the journey.

Now—I text, I tweet, I send emojis and emoticons. I check my emails, face book, and instagram.  I can do a lot of things with that little hand-held device—but do you think I can call AAA?  It’s all automated. Oh, the lady is nice enough, but by the time I listen to the instructions, find the keyboard, and punch in  numbers all I hear is “I’m, sorry—I didn’t get that. Would you please re-enter your 16 digit identification number again” I tried, lady, really I did.

At 12:10, son #2 calls me. He’d just checked his phone—college visit—but they were eating lunch. He knew someone he could call to come give me a jump start. Where was Dad? I checked with Dad. He was two miles away. Might as well let him come to the rescue. 

My dear husband is SO very patient. Of course, I wanted to remind him that had he come along with me…but I didn’t. And when it was all said and done, I was rather pleased that I’d refrained.

He hooked up the charger…and it still wouldn’t start.  He stepped back…he always steps back and looks at a problem. It’s a part of him. You can almost see the wheels turning and most generally he finds a solution.

This time was no exception. There wasn’t a frown, or even a hint of annoyance either on his demeanor nor in his voice when he asked me to ‘turn off your lights and see if that helps.’.

Did I mention it had been foggy when I left home? 

He even bought me lunch and said I didn’t need to worry about supper. 

However, I’ll not be surprised if he takes my keys.

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