Mundane Matters

This picture will only be significant if you’re familiar with our waterless cove.  Although we’ve had water near the shore line around our dock, its only been a mere inches deep. 

In the last few days we’ve had more rain, enough that the main channel that feeds into the lake is actually running a bit, and the area around our dock has filled enough to fill the area that was dredged. 

The green area beyond the water is still lake–so you can see how much MORE rain is needed. But we can now see the water from our house and and that is exciting. 

Ducks Out Of Water

With the return of a bit more water, the ducks and geese once again visit us.  This pair of mallards came this morning. All that green should be water–and it will be again, one day!!  

For now, we are thankful for every drop of rain.  Believe me—

It Matters!!

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