What a Difference a Weekend Makes

The shadow you see is Bob on his 4-wheeler on the lake side, shooting back toward our seawall. The water you see here is only inches deep right around the dock. 

Another picture taken from the lake side showing how very dry we really were. The only reason we had water around the dock is because it had been dredged at one time. 


The water all came in over Memorial Weekend. It rained all day Friday, and we had puddles.  All day Saturday–and we had more and more and more puddles until by Sunday there was enough water to launch the boat and the grandkids swam. It has filled even more since then, and we are so very, very thankful. 

Now, we play!!  
Rob helping Tami man the hose

Father and Son
That hose is heavy when it’s charged. And it can send the innertube shooting across the lake!! 

Rob giving Katelyn instructions

And now they open the valve!!

It was a fun day!!

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