I Can’t Sing…But I Shall!

Years ago, several ladies in the church we were attending took turns sitting for a few hours each week with a lovely, godly, older woman who had Alzheimer’s, so her husband might have a few hours to run errands, or just get away for awhile.

This sweet woman loved music, and I soon realized that she would sit and listen while I played the piano—and when I played songs about the Cross, she would clap and try ever so hard to sing the words. They had a little terrier dog, almost like their child, and this dog would lay at my feet while I was at the piano. And while this pet was tolerant of my presence, it did NOT like for me to sing. I couldn’t blame him. I can’t sing. In my head I have a beautiful contralto voice, but when it escaped the confines of my very exaggerated imagination, it caused the poor doggie’s lip to curl, his teeth to grind and a menacing growl would shut me up real fast. The one positive–the sweet lady thought it quite comical.

For several years I have read through the Psalms (five Psalms a day and you read it through each month). I’m not trying to imply any sort of super spirituality here.  While I would love to be able to say I never miss a day, it would be a bold-faced lie. I do miss. Some weeks I am too lazy. Some days I deem myself too busy. However, in the Bible I normally use, I have underlined and double underlined and triple underlined passages that have spoken to me as I’ve read and re-read them.

Recently I purchased a journaling Bible, and  I’m trying something new. This time, as I work my way through the Psalms, I’m looking particularly for the songs, especially those scriptures that I’ve sung over the years. And in the journaling margin I’m drawing notes, and writing the words of the particular song. My prayer is that one day my children will see those entries and know that even though I can’t sing–and yes, they are very aware of that deficiency–they will know I treasured those scriptures.

But what I hope they understand even more, is the correlation the Psalmist records between “crying out” to the Lord, and the “new song’ the  Lord gave as a result.

We are living in a very troubled world, in very troubled times. On any given subject we’re a divided people—sadly, even among those of us who are followers of Christ. Oh, we cry out loud enough, but so does a child who wants their own way. When was the last time you heard your child cry “Father, tell me what to do!  Father, show me the way! Father, I’m wrong for being too lazy, too busy, too selfish!”, all the while pulling with all their might to take the object  (win the argument) away from the other child? It doesn’t work that way, does it?

II Chronicles 7:14 states clearly what we are to do—whether it’s Isis, Syrian refugees, illegal immigrants, corrupt politicians. You name it. It’s covered in His word.

The New Song will be given when I (we) cry for something other than my (our) own agendas. Taking a stand on face book isn’t going to solve anything unless and until I (we) first fall on my (our) knee(s) before a powerful, sovereign, Almighty God in obedience. Then and only then will come the song of deliverance–that New Song. And then I (we) shall all sing!








3 thoughts on “I Can’t Sing…But I Shall!

  1. Aunt Julane, you make such beautiful music when you play what does it matter if you can’t sing! Thank you for this post. Somehow I felt that with all that is going on in our world that I wasn’t doing anything to help, but I am praying and doing what I can in my little work to keep and make peace.


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