Numbers…Get Thee Behind Me!

We are a people controlled by numbers.

I’m not saying it’s all bad. It isn’t. But I am saying that we often determine our worth by numbers, and by comparing those numbers.

Step on the scale the first thing every morning, and the numbers recorded either say “Yay”, or  you move the scale to a different position on the floor and try again until IT gets it right!

The phone rings, and the number that flashes across the small screen determines whether you’ll answer.

You get a friend invite on face book, and you check the number of mutual friends you have.

You post something on face book, Instagram, or Twitter and your ‘likes’ are tallied, and of course that’s a sure-fire way to assess how well you’re loved. And it’s important to keep the number who follow you well above the number you’ve chosen to follow. Again, a real test of popularity.


There are apps for your phone that count the number of calories you’ve eaten, the number of steps you’ve taken, and my phone just ‘dinged’ to remind me to read my Names of God: Through Thanksgiving and Christmas reading plan and…yes, the days I’ve missed are also recorded.

And now my biggest hangup  (as a debut author) is…my numbers on Amazon, the number of books sold, the number of pages read, the number of reviews,where I rank from 1-1 million. In one week I’ve gone from ‘pretty good’ to ‘uh-oh’, and I’ve allowed those numbers to elate and deflate me. I’ve compared and been disappointed.

And then, my Gracious Heavenly Father reminds me: HE has ordered  (counted) my days, and my counting them isn’t going to change His number; HE orders (counts) my steps; He follows me; He’s my friend, and we have many, many mutual ones.

And as far as my ‘ranking’ goes, well He loved me enough to die for me.

‘Nuff said!




6 thoughts on “Numbers…Get Thee Behind Me!

  1. Give people a chance to find you! Once they find you they will love your books! How many debut authors have all 5 star reviews? Mom mentioned that you were down about some things and I feel bad about that, as she does. Keep your chin up!


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