Out of the Fullness of the Heart

My hubby LOVES apple pie. It’s his favorite. And our oldest son has an uncanny sense to know when I have just pulled one out of the oven. He says it’s a gift..

I never use a recipe for the filling. Hubby doesn’t like a tart apple . . . actually prefers that I use a Red Delicious. But sometimes I splurge and buy Granny Smith’s.

I can usually get the crust to look inviting. Flaky, brown, lots of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. But no matter how pretty it looks on the outside, it’s what’s under the crust that screams the loudest.

We ‘so very fallible people’ are like that, you know. We can manage to look pretty good on the outside . . . all shiny and sprinkled with the sugar of our good works, or kind words, etc.. But what happens when we are ‘cut and tasted”?

I have to admit that all too many times who I am on the inside would be enough to pucker you up good and tight!!

Need more sweetness? Maybe a bit of spice? Perhaps need to be ‘in the fire’ a bit longer?

I hate it when my pie filling boils over onto my clean oven. It stinks, to be quite frank . . . and leaves a residue that, unless dealt with, continues to smell each time the oven is put to the test.

If what is inside your heart spills over . . . when things are hot . . . do you smell?

“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evils things out of the evil stored up in him ” Matthew 12: 35



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