Lessons From a Dandelion

lessons from dandelion 1195_502131816476770_79024490_n

Hate it, stomp on it, try to dig it out:  It sends its roots even deeper

Mow it off: And the next morning it’s back, smiling, bringing friends to greet your day.

It has no ovaries: It merely reproduces because that’s what it was meant to do.

Always available, it welcomes the hands of a small child, knowing that even should it be plucked from its moorings, it will bring joy to that child, and a smile to the child’s mama.

And when it grows old—

AHH! When only a fuzzy white head appears where once was the bloom of youth

The winds of adversity, or even the puff of tiny lips, will scatter the seed the heart of the plant produced.

And more will come, more will bloom, more will send roots deeper and deeper

Because it was content to be what God created it to be, and do what it was created to do.

Oh! That I should be so faithful!!


dandelion seed 10430895_853489774674304_95397765268146593_n



From My Window

It’s a misty, moisty morning here in our wee cove.

The kind of morning that begs you to just sit and listen—

A gentle rain peppers our tin roof…

A wren trills for her mate…

In the distance there’s a low rumble of thunder…the remnant of an early storm.

It’s the kind of stillness one wishes they could bottle

Like a fine perfume.

And bring out later, to dab behind the ears—when one hears grumbling

Or on one’s wrist—when busyness threatens to steal the day.

Even to spray in the air—to sweeten the odor of conflict and discord.

As I write this, a cardinal is calling in the timber.

Cardinals have long been my God Speak

So I will listen

Listen , this time, to what He wants to say to me.


Teach me, Lord, to Be Still

So even when the storms rage

I will hear the sweetness of Your voice

And know that You are God!misty moisty morning 11168953_936142416409039_6173322773301740598_n


Monday Morning Musings

A dear friend sent me a message last night: “He asked me to marry him, and I said ‘yes’.” And I rejoiced for her.

Another dear friend sent me a message last night: “…he went to heaven this afternoon.” And I wept for her.

Each message shouted “change”.

For one—who was one, now needs learn to become two.

For the other—who was two, now needs learn to become one.

Both will rejoice.

Both will weep.

Both will need prayer…lots of prayer.

Oh, Lord. Cause me to be faithful to pray—

To rejoice with the one who rejoices, and weep with the one who weeps.

You have promised strength ‘as thy days’,

And grace sufficient

Help them claim both.

And may they embrace ‘change’ as a reminder of Your constancy.

You who never changes.