Comp’ny comin’!!

When I was growing up, Saturday was house-cleaning day, cause

Comp’ny was comin’ on Sunday!

We’d clean, and bake and kill a chicken or two

And if, by chance, we got invited somewhere else

We’d still clean, and bake and offer to take the baked goodies with us

Cause, that’s just what ya did.

Seems different now

What with all our labor saving devices

We no longer have time for such thing as

Comp’ny comin’.

Leastwise, not without planning and planning

and maybe even painting or hangin’ new curtains.

I have a picture hanging right by my chair.

You can tell it was stitched up a long time ago

Cause it tells neighbors when they are welcome!

Which is pretty much all the time.

hospitality 7c344e75-fd46-42af-bed8-e445316cd1e6

Lord, make me a woman given to hospitality.

Not just on Sunday, when I’ve cleaned and baked

and killed a chicken or two.

But anytime. Anytime you deem it proper for

My day, which is really Your day!


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