But I Know Her Heart!

I went to the post office this morning.

Big deal, you say! But in a whole lot of ways

this morning was a gift, and it was a big deal

to me.

The postal worker I most often see there always has a smile,

never seems to get frustrated no matter how many are in line

and has helped me find the most efficient way to send my books.

SO–this morning I decided to give her a copy of Robin.

She said, “This is  really interesting because just this weekend

I was wishing I had a good book to read.”

That led to her questions about my writing.

And that led to deeper conversation.

Long story short–we discovered we have both lost children.

And that led to sharing even deeper, and tears and a ‘knowing’

that only comes through shared experiences.

I know that our meetings from now on will be on

an entirely different level, deeper, more personal.

And she no longer will be a just the nice lady at

the post office.

Because, now she’s a kindred spirit.

I don’t even know her name, but

I know her heart!







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