Sometimes There Are No Words

cross at sunset     IMG_1777

I’m a writer.

I even do a workshop titled “Color Me a Story”

using colors as a way to create your characters.

But then, God comes along, and reminds me that

His character is so awesome, so magnificent, so beautiful

that words fail.

Then, because He is so faithful

He reminds me that all He wants is for me to


pink sky at sunset      IMG_1780

Granddaughter #1 sent me these pictures, taken on her way home from Council Grove to Wichita last night. What a blessing!!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes There Are No Words

  1. This message was originally HTML formatted. View in a HTML capable client to see the original version.\r\n\r\n Wow beautiful pictures. I was so sad to hear you were at the Marion Library and I wasn’t here to see and meet you. I had talked to Janet about getting your other two books and maybe have you for a speaker, then she told me you were coming to a lunch and learn I was so excited. And I will even be here too. We are leaving for vacation on the 18th of September so was happy to hear you were coming on the 14th. I saw a picture you had posted and thought you must live at the Council Grove
    lake. I have been there so much. I use to work for the Corps of Engineers at Marion and went to the reservoir a lot but drove the back roads to get there past the lake. Also had a friend to lived at the lake for a few years. Wonderful place.

    So happy to get to meet you.

    Joan Winter

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