Without the Storms


Without the clouds, there’d be no storm!

We’ve weathered many storms, hubby and me. None were welcome. All brought blessings beyond anything we could ever have imagined.

cross at sunset     IMG_1777

Without the lingering storm clouds, we’d miss the color of sunrise

pink sky at sunset      IMG_1780

And the beauty of sunset.


Or the glorious beauty of the cross.


Today is our oldest daughter’s birthday. And she is celebrating with Jesus.

And today I’m reminded once again, that without the storms


There’d be no rainbows.

And the rainbow assures me that one day…one day very soon…there will be no more storms!

Then!  Then we will celebrate all the birthdays we’ve missed!!

Happy Birthday, Tamara Jill!!


3 thoughts on “Without the Storms

  1. This message was originally HTML formatted. View in a HTML capable client to see the original version.\r\n\r\n Ah, what a nice tribute. Thanks for sharing, beautiful pictures beautiful daughter.

    Joan Winter


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