O, The Wonder of it All!

In the short time it took me to drive granddaughter #4 from her house to school one day last week, I was awed and sobered by the change before me.






Fifteen minutes!

Fifteen minutes of God’s Glory that He shared with me!

And I could have missed it.

All those fifteen minute intervals within a day…

Time enough to write a short ‘thinking of you’ note…

Time enough to call someone just to say ‘hello’…

Time enough to put a hand on a shoulder and squeeze in passing…

Time enough to—to do what may well matter in someone else’s life.

And time enough to experience ‘O, the wonder of it all! Just to think that God loves me!’

Oh, Lord, forgive me for putting  my ‘busyness’ ahead of your ‘business’.

One thought on “O, The Wonder of it All!

  1. This message was originally HTML formatted. View in a HTML capable client to see the original version.\r\n\r\n Wow – thank you for reminding me. Just this morning I was running around getting ready for work, shaking my head of what tomorrow brings. I have a doctor appoint in Wichita at 10:00 on the west side just found out that my grandson at Augusta is putting on a veterans day program and they want grandparents to come at 1:30. Ok clear on the opposite side. Then other grandson’s birthday #15 is also tomorrow so we are picking him up at the high school at 3 also in Augusta and taking him out for supper. Hopefully will be back in Marion before too late. Then your message came with take time to enjoy what is around us and to thank god. How appropriate with timing to remind me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

    Thank You


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