About Julane

Julane is first of all a child of God. She is also a wife to Bob, mother to two living sons,Kip and Rob, two daughters in heaven, two wonderful daughters-in-law, Becky and Tami, and grandmother to six perfectly wonderful grands, as well as an additional three ‘other grands’.  She lives with her husband in a wee cottage by a small lake nestled in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.

Though encouraged by many to pen the story of raising two daughters with an incurable disease, she has chosen to incorporate the lessons learned into the lives of her not-too-perfect characters. Her passion is to present the promises and hope found in God’s Word in down-to-earth, everyday experiences through her stories.

Julane loves reading, decorating, junking, antiques, and chocolate! No particular order, but one would be safe to insert chocolate between all other interests.

She loves meeting new people, and making new friends. And following her web site would make her VERY happy indeed!

9 thoughts on “About Julane

  1. Your beautiful picture tells me we could easily be friends. I relate to you being from Kansas. I relate to you being a strong Christian. I relate to you as a grandmother.
    But, I have a delimma. Neither Target, or Walmart, or Barnes & Noble carry any of your books. Please advise me of their availability!
    I’m 79 years old and an avid reader,and would love to find copies of Robin, Wren, and the other books you’ve writte.
    Although I’ve lived in Texas many years, I call Chanute home. Memories are of wonderful, honest, religious people who cared for each other and were taught morals and good manners.

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    • Barbara, how very sweet of you to comment. And I’d LOVE to be your friend. Do you have face book? I do, and you are welcome to ‘request’ me as your friend.
      About my books–they aren’t available on the Walmart shelves, but CAN be ordered through Walmart web site. They are also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There are three books in the Brides series, Robin, Lark and Wren. I also have a story in a novella collection that is put out by my publisher, Wings of Hope Publishing, each year. This year’s collection is called “Unlikely Pursuits” and it can be found at Amazon. I do hope you will read them, and please let me know how you like them.
      I’m familiar with the area around Chanute. The writing club that I belong to meets in Girard, KS, so I go past Chanute each time I go for a meeting!


  2. Julane,
    This is Annie Reynolds (Mary and Jesse Russell’s daughter). My sister, Ronda, bought your 3 books for mom and I told her I would read them to her since because of her macular degeneration, and because I wanted to read them too! I started reading Robin last week and on the second day Dad was inside and listened. When I finished the chapter he said, “Is that all you are going to read?”. I asked if he wanted me to read more. He said, “Well, I don’t care. It’s for your mother.”. He hasn’t missed a word of the book since then. I’m currently reading 5 chapters a day because Dad asks me to read more several times a day.
    We are enjoying your book immensely and can’t wait to read the next two. I hope you are busy writing more, because it will be a long winter if we get through the other 2 books as quickly as this one.
    Thank you for writing these wonderful books. They are truly a treasure. We are thinking of you and hearing your voice as we read each word.
    Annie Reynolds

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    • Oh, Annie! I JUST NOW read this. Can’t believe I missed it. But you have NO IDEA what an encouragement this is! I love that your dad is enjoying them! I am writing, and have one releasing March 1. However, this will be in ebook form only so if you have a Kindle or other ebook reading device it will be available. Also–if you don’t already know this–you can download a Kindle for your phone or computer free from Amazon. The story releasing in March is a short story (novella) that is the ‘love’ story between Henrietta Harvey and Reverend Mason. They are also in all three of the series so you should be well acquainted with them by now!! Thank you so very much for your note. And give your parents a hug from me and love from Bob, too!!


      • Annie! I also have a story in a novella collection that my publisher, Wings of Hope, puts out each year. I will make sure you get one…there are six stories all in one book, all from Wings of Hope authors. There will be a new one out in May (I believe. Have not had confirmation of the actual release date). It will also be paperback so will make sure you get that one, too. If you don’t mind, would you send me your address? I will mail it. AND following the March and May releases, I have two more coming–one July 1 release and one a November 1 release. July and November will also be ebooks only. The July release will be Doc Mercer and Tillie Rogers’ romance. And the November release will be Uncle John and Emma’s release. All characters from the series.

        For the novella collections, we all write about a certain topic, but we can choose the story line and what period it’s written in. The one that is already out is called “Unlikely Pursuits” and the stories are all about unlikely occupations in the time period we choose to write. My story is Doctor Kat, and is about a woman veterinarian in the early 1900’s. For the May release the stories are all romance stories that took place in an unusual place and will be called Destination: Romance. My story is “A Shelter in a Weary Land” and takes place during the Civil War.

        Okay, I’ve rattled long enough. Just wanted you to know I’m sending you a book!!


      • Oh I’m so excited to read each of those! I feel like we are friends with all of these characters and can’t wait to see them come together and loving relationships. My address is 2322 South Anderson Avenue Newton Kansas 67114. Thank you so much Julane. I will look forward to receiving the book.


  3. Would these stories be appropriate for teens as well? I have been looking for good Christian teen Books to put on our library’s bookshelves. My friend Mandy suggested I check out your books…. Do you think they would work for teens?


    • Hello Kadie! Yes, I believe they would work very well for teens. I have teenage grandaughters who’ve read them, and they love them. Of course, they might be a tiny bit prejudiced, but they are also picky readers. If you have a Kindle, or some other e-book reading device, you might download Robin (that would be cheaper), and see for yourself. Also, if you go to the Amazon site, and type in my name, it should show you my books and you can read a bit of each of them for free.

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