Tailboard Tales + Wordless Wednesday

Many of you know Vince Garcia. Many of you don’t, but I wish you could.

Vince is a Newton, Kansas firefighter. I say IS, because once you’re a FF, you’re always a FF.  And though he is no longer able to check in, he is still very much a part of that brotherhood that defines a firehouse.

Vince has ALS. There’s no easy way to say it, and there’s not a day that goes by that his brothers don’t think of him, pray for him, wish there were some way they could all wake up from this very bad dream and things would be all better. 

Recently the department acquired a new fire truck. And a new engine is like a brand new toy. 

Yesterday, some of his brothers made sure he got to play with this new rig. And I’m not sure who had the most fun—Vince or his playmates.

P.S.  PLEASE click on these pics so you can get the full picture. Look at the faces of each of those men. And please pray for Vince and his family, and his brothers at the firehouse. 

The hardest thing a FF ever has to do…is leave one behind.

Vince Garcia…You Are Loved