Monday’s Mundane Matters

There’s a tendency to think of mudane as common, ho-hum, nothing spectacular, boring, routine,

But the older I get, the more I realize that IN the mundane is where most of life happens

In today’s tech-frenzied world, my biggest fear is losing the excitement of the simple, everyday happenings. Don’t get me wrong–I love the new ‘stuff’ that is available. I have a smart phone, I text, I tweet, and I face book. I also Skype and face-time.  Yet, to me nothing can ever replace the actual presence of a friend. The conversations that happen around a kitchen table. The look-you-in the eye kind of fellowship that accompanies real flesh you can reach out and touch. The actual moving of the mouth to form words that express themselves not only in the hearing, but the watching. The face, the eyes, the body language that fills in the blanks between what is uttered.

Today, I accompanied granddaughter #2 to her doctor’s appointment. She’s not too young to go alone, but she didn’t want to be by herself. Then she came and spent most of the day lying on the couch at our house. We watched old Christmas movies…and talked!

I know, from experience, these kind of days we pass all too soon. And there will come a day when, because of college, distance, and time, we will be satisfied with texting, etc..  But today was mundane. I did laundry while she was here. But above the chug of the washing machine, and the hum of the dryer, our voices mingled.

Boring? NO  Spectacular? NO, unless you count going through half a bag of fun-size Snickers!!

But life happened. And I’m truly grateful for the mundaneness of  today, because it DOES matter.