Tuesday’s Tale from the Tailboard

Empty Chairs

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday at Kip and Becky’s. It gets harder every year to find a time when the family can all be together. With two firefighter schedules plus others in the family who work, it becomes a juggling act to come up with a date. And we’ve already chosen January 3 and 4 for our Christmas.

But we were together, and for that I am most grateful. Yes, we miss those that are gone. But that has nothing to do with the fire department. All across this nation there will be empty chairs around the Thanksgiving table no matter when or where it is celebrated.

Some chairs are empty because duty prevents the presence of one who would normally fill the spot. Soldiers, Firefighters, Policemen, doctors, nurses, farmers, ranchers, waitresses, cooks, housekeeping personnel, and the list goes on.

Some are empty and will never again be filled because they’ve given their lives to protect others.

Some are empty because of old age, or illnesses, or accidents, etc..

And some are empty because they were never filled, those who were lost before they were born.

Thanksgiving is not just one day of celebration. It is a choice we make, regardless of the circumstances. It is a lifestyle—Thanks-living!

But may we never forget that while we rejoice with those who rejoice, we are also to mourn with those who mourn.

Some people have a custom of setting a plate on the table for the unseen guest.

This year, why not place an empty chair in the room.

Thank God if the chair you place is only a symbol.

Pray for those for whom it represents so much more.