Tuesday’s Tale

Who Says They Have To Be Red?

In some parts of the country, volunteer fire departments are the rule rather than the exception. These firefighters are highly trained, and they take great pride in their commitment to their communities. 

But competition among them is serious, and it’s best depicted in the engines bearing their insignias. 

In some ways, I think we could learn a lesson from their pride. While the outside appearance of their engines distinguish them among their peers, what CAN’T be seen, all the ‘stuff’ that makes that piece of apparatus work from the inside is basically the same. And the men making it work all have the same goal~rescue what is in danger, save all they can and the bottom line~put out the d*** fire. And when the smoke is to heavy to see through, and the heat becomes unbearable, it no longer matters what color the the quint, or pumper, or ladder, or rescue—the men charging the lines, setting the pressures, handling the hoses or working the nozzle all work together and are willing to risk their lives for one another. 

All colors represented, and all work together for the good of their communities, and if you look closely you will see a flag represented~~no matter the color.