Thursday’s Teaser

From chapter one of Robin, book #1 of Brides of the Feather series to be published by OakTara Publishers. 

Cedar Bluff, Kansas
Late April 1877

            He didn’t come. Now you’re alone. We told you so. Now you’re alone.

          Her sisters’ admonitions taunted in rhythm as the big iron wheels of the steam engine began to roll, and the train hissed and chugged past Robin Wenghold. She braced herself against the strong hot wind and gripped the handle of her valise so tight her fingernails dug into the palm of her hand.

            Squinting against the afternoon sun, she limped to the end of the platform that ran the length of the stone depot. Heat shimmered above the silver tracks which stretched as far as she could see in one direction, and a twist of dust skittered down the street when she peered toward town. 
Why wasn’t he here? He promised. Had he discovered her infirmity and changed his mind?

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