Tuesday’s Tale

Springtime In The Hills



There’s a beauty to this yearly ritual. If you’ve never driven through the pasture lands of Kansas, in the springtime—at night—then you’ve possibly missed this rite of passage. 

Pasture burning season, they call it. 

A time to get rid of the old, dried, foliage that has provided its own kind of beauty during the long winter months, to allow the nutrition-rich grasses to emerge. The only thing more beautiful than the long lines of fire glowing in the night, is the sight of emerald green, grass covered hills in the early morning sun. 

While I would never suggest you follow a fire truck, I will gladly challenge you to follow the smoke you witness rising from the horizon. Take a camera. Throw away all other impressions you might have of ‘old, flat Kansas’, and experience…well, you’ll have to see it to put your own title on this story of springtime in the hills.